Can Fabulized! help me?

Absolutely! Virtually any woman can benefit from learning grace, negotiation and interview skills, and how to maximize her appearance and maintain tip-top vitality. We work with students of every age.

Does Coach Chelsea work the same way as a life coach?

No. Life coaches help clients find solutions to their goals and challenges. We teach skills you won't find by looking inward.

What are your qualifications?

As a young woman, Coach Chelsea took courses to learn the skills she now teaches in her community and as part of her coaching business.  In addition to coaching and consulting, Chelsea is a professional writer whose work has been heard on National Public Radio and seen in Newsweek, TV Guide, the Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times and many other places. 

She is's health and beauty editor, the author of two published books on health-related topics, and creator of the Fabulized! app for iPhone and iPad.

Are you certified?

No. It's not that kind of coaching. We can provide references and put you in touch with former clients.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. If you don't love your first class and want to continue, that first class is free.

What do you teach, specifically?

"Looking great," doesn't mean only makeup or fashion, of course, although we do evaluate each student's appearance and start her down the road toward outward beauty. We also work on  graceful ways of moving  and "beauty for life," and touch on basic etiquette, skin care,  speech, tact and nutrition, among other topics.We work on three principal areas: looking great, communicating expertly and forming great habits to support that knowledge.We teach presentation skills, negotiation and interpersonal communication (vital in today's competitive job market), to bring out each student's best--inside and out!

Can you do a presentation at my office, women's group or school?

Yes! Please get in touch through the website or ask your school to do the same.Feel free to email for more information. 

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