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What is "fabulizing?"

Fabulizing means inventing or making up. It's also slang for making yourself terrific. In other words: inventing yourself. (Fabulizing can also involve makeup.)

Fabulizing is: A fun way to describe some of the most important skills you'll need:  

How to handle interviews and business situations 

How to look your best, using hair, makeup, skincare and wardrobe techniques to maximize your assets and downplay the features you like less 

How to handle difficult conversations diplomatically    

 Confident speech 

Graceful movement 


And Becoming the fabulous woman you are.

Fabulizing is: Finishing school (for any age)--in about 10 hours! 

The best gift you can give yourself, your daughter or  granddaughter--one that will last longer than any other. 

Fabulizing is: A beautiful edge. 

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